Faux Brushed Metals Ceiling
Faux Brushed Metals Ceiling
Bronze and Copper 15' x 20' Acrylic

"A new home with textured drywall everywhere
is the closest thing to dry crackers and water."

  • Are all of my ceilings still white?
  • Do I get a cold feeling when I sit in my great room?
  • Want to remove the wallpaper and still create some interest?
  • Like to see a more manly/feminine (or inspiring) office?

We have an incredible design resource to assist you in choosing the perfect finishing colors, textures and technique. Available hourly.

We do not charge by square footage. However, to get a ball park idea of typical faux finishing fees, multiply your square footage by $2.00 on up to $4.50. To inquire, contact Debbie Panther directly.

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