Murals & Wall Hangings
Show Home Duo
2009 Show Home Duo
45'' x 15'' each, Acrylics

Nature Scene - Gudeman Trio
Nature Scene - Gudeman Trio
3 x 20" x 20" Acrylic

    Waltz                Midnight
18" x 32" Acrylic   15"x45" Acrylic
3Wall Arbour & 4Wall Child’s Mural
3Wall Arbour Mural-Wood, Silk, Acrylic / & 4Wall Child’s Mural

Aspen Trio
Aspens Trio, 3’x5’ Acrylics

Tree Silhouette Mural
Tree Silhouette Mural
8' x10' Acrylic

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To order a custom wall or furniture mural, or wall hanging, contact Debbie Panther by phone at 503.884.1864, or email her at
To order hand-retouched prints, see Purchasing page. Click here to view optional dowel rods for wall hangings.
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